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2 Wrongs Make It Even

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            “Eddie, oh my GOD. What the hell is this?” Kali screamed as she saw the love of her life having sex with her best friend, Jenna. “Kali, how did you get in here?” Eddie jumped out of the bed to put his clothes on. “How did I what? You’re having sex with Jenna and you asked me how I got in there?” she stormed out of the room.


           “Where is she going?” Jenna asked Eddie as she put her panties on. “You know she’s depressed. Her mother was just murdered three days ago, there’s no telling where she went. But I advise you to hurry the hell up and get dressed,” he picked her clothes up and threw them at her. “I thought you told her about us! You said you ended things with her,” Jenna whispered.


           “So I lied,” he shrugged. “Eddie!” Jenna screamed as Kali entered the room. Kali swung the knife and cut Eddie across the chest. Eddie placed his hand on his bleeding chest and stared at the blood. Kali jumped on top of him and they landed on the bed. Kali tighten her grip on the knife and was about to stab him when Jenna came out of nowhere and tackled her.


           The knife went flying and they ended up on the floor. Kali managed to roll on top of Jenna. She grabbed a handful of Jenna long brown hair and twisted it around her fingers. Her hand had a tight grip on her hair so Kali used her other hand to try to punch Jenna’s head through the floor.


           Punch after punch Kali couldn’t stop, even after all the blood that she saw on Jenna’s face. Jenna tried several times to punch and scratch Kali but she couldn’t see through her swollen eyes. “Kali stop! You’re going to kill her!” Eddie yelled and he tried to pull Kali off of Jenna. Kali’s hand still had Jenna’s hair wrapped around her fingers.


           By the time Eddie broke them apart most of Jenna’s hair was pulled from her scalp. “Get the hell off of me! I can’t believe you! After all the shit that I’m going through….you go and do something like this!” Kali looked around for the knife. “MY HAIR! MY HAIR!” Jenna remained on the floor and cried.


           “Shut up bitch!” Kali screamed. “I’m sorry Kali!” Eddie reached out for her. Kali made a fist and punched Eddie in his balls as hard as she could. When he bent over in agony Kali grabbed his head and kneed him in his face.


            Both Eddie and Jenna were on the floor in pain. Kali walked over to Jenna, spit on her and then kicked her in the face. Then Kali walked over to Eddie, spit on him and kicked him in his balls again. “Fuck both of yall!” she screamed and walked out.


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